HealthBridge Newport is pleased to provide affordable integrative medical and natural fertility concierge services and our COMPLETE FERTILITY, PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM WELLNESS PLAN to select patients.

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About Dr. Gina




Dr. Gina Nick, NMD, PhD, the Owner and Founder of HealthBridge Newport  and HealthBridge Management, is recognized as one of the leading Naturopathic Medical Doctors in the country. She is among a select group of Forever Health Network Physicians, in partnershp with Suzanne Somers and the only doctor offering SottoPelle(R) Therapy in Newport Beach, CA. Selecting the right physician is a critical step in obtaining optimal health, so please take a moment and read about Dr. Gina's extensive experience and accomplishments to see if she is the right doctor for you. (click here to read about Dr. Gina)

Services Offered

HealthBridge Newport  offers prevention and treatment programs that address a wide spectrum of health conditions. An excellent place to start down the path of total health and wellness is by visiting our Services Offered page.

Dr. Gina's Blog

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Where our Patients Come From

Newport Beach

We are located in Newport Beach, California, with a number of our patients being local residents who are taking advantage of the fact that Newport Beach now has its first and only licensed and highly experienced Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

Beverly Hills

Our concierge medical services are offered within a ten mile radius of Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, CA

Outlying Cities

Because of our reputation as the top Naturopathic Medicine provider in California a surprising number of our patients travel hours to see Dr. Gina. These patients value their health and well being enough to travel from areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego and their outlying cities.

Orange County

Many patients come from outlying areas including Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other cities throughout Orange and Los Angeles County. Newport Beach is easily accessed from locations throughout Orange and Los Angeles County.

Across the Country

Going even further away Dr. Gina often works with clients across the country to help them achieve the wellness they desire but are unable to obtain the care they want, utilizing local resources.


Our Commitment 

At HealthBridge Newport, our commitment to you is that you will receive the highest level of customized, well-researched, and effective naturopathic medical care, paired with excellent patient service, in a comfortable and peaceful environment that fosters your genuine growth and healing.

Focus on Prevention

HealthBridge Newport specializes in prevention of disease and in optimizing your health and sense of well-being. While we do treat many patients with chronic health 'opportunities' our real focus is on identifying your unique vulnerabilities and strengths and then developing a customized health and lifestyle program that supports your growth and optimal state of being. This may include customized diet, detoxification, hormone optimization, and customized nutritional supplementation.

To determine an individual’s needs and areas for improvement we use a variety of cutting edge laboratory tests and analyses from numerous labs to develop a treatment protocol that is specifically designed for your unique body.

Treat the Cause

HealthBridge Newport offers comprehensive integrative and preventive health care for men, women and children with a focus on treating the underlying cause of health challenges instead of masking or suppressing symptoms. For example, if a patient comes to our center with the symptom of a headache, we do not routinely prescribe aspirin to resolve the headache. Instead, we diagnose and treat the underlying physical reason why the patient has the headache in the first place, by utilizing innovative lab testing and symptom analyses that point to the root cause of the symptoms. By doing so, we resolve the patient’s condition rather then masking or suppressing the symptom with potentially damaging chemicals.

HealthBridge Newport is moving beyond the existing medical paradigm, incorporating advanced and innovative diagnostic and treatment strategies that address key foundational and underlying causes of the most prevalent and debilitating symptoms that  people in the United States experience today.

What Type of Patients Do We Work With

At HealthBridge Newport our focus is on the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions, particularly those for which traditional medical treatments do not offer a "cure." While many traditional treatments offer a solution that may mask the symptoms, we are interested in finding the underlying or root cause of the problem which can then be addressed to ultimately alleviate the condition.

These health challenges range from hormone imbalances that are naturally experienced as a part of the aging process to highly complex conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, where traditional allopathic medicine offers no real hope for a cure.

When working through these issues with our patients we utilize the highest quality diagnostic and treatment approaches, that are customized for each patient, and are personally selected by Dr. Gina, who has over a decade of direct experience working with patients, and also working with the companies that provide the medicines and treatments. This background has allowed Dr. Gina insight that puts her at the top of her field.



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Calling the Practice

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment at HealthBridge Newport, please contact us by calling (949) 715-9321 or (310) 734-0950.

Emailing the Practice

If you prefer to email us and have us contact you regarding scheduling or any questions you may have, feel free to use the form on our contact page. Click here to fill out the form now.


For Our Patients

Patient Handouts

At HealthBridge Newport we believe in patient education. As a patient we may advise you to visit our patient documents page and where you can download articles and research that is specific to your condition.